For Parents

It can be quite frightening to be the parent of a teen with environmental and food allergies. Even more alarming is that statistically are the most non-compliant group when it comes to the care of their allergies. Parents can feel as if they are walking a fine line in giving their teen the independence they crave and the parenting they still need.

You and your teen must always be alert of all the ingredients in the foods they eat. Read all the labels  every time you purchase them. Ingredients can change at any time. Being alert is especially important when eating at a restaurant or at a party. They should always have rescue medicine, such as an epi-pen. Some teens will need to carry something called a duel-pak. It has 2 epi-pens in it so they have two epinephrine shots on hand. Parents and teens have more tools available to them than ever before. There are health ID bracelet, bags, backpacks and travel packs. There needs to be a healthy respect for the disease but it must not control you or our teens life.

How to prepare food for your allergic teen.