An allergic reaction is when you immune system takes the food that you are eating or breathing in as something harmful. Being careful and causious is very important but even the most careful person can have a reaction. Many allergic reactions to food are usually mild. A small amount of food-allergic people experience severe, life-threatening reactions, called anaphylaxis. Having a severe reaction, such as Anaphylaxis is scary and you need to know what to do!

1. When you first realize that you may ingested something that you are allergic to, you need to tell an adult right away! Also, tell them what you ate.

2. If you already knew you had an allergy and you have an epi-pen, then TAKE IT! This will help your breathing and gives you a head start to getting better.

3. You need to get to a doctor right away ecspecially if you are having a severe reaction (Anaphylaxis). If you are having trouble breathing then call 911.

4. Last, remove what you are allergic from your lifestyle.

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